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Content Production

Content Production & Studio

  • India, Canada, S. Korea on D1 contents production

  • India, Canada, S. Korea for D1 contents post-production

  • Our own IP contents

  • Collaborative contents

  • Film/drama, web-drama, variety shows, competition program, survival programs, sports programs, music programs and etc.

  • Key objective is to own as much contents as we can!

  • Green studio

  • Post-production studio located in Uttar Pradesh, India

  • For most of D1 produced contents

  • India, S. Korea, Canada, Europe content

  • D1 own IP contents and collaborative contents

  • Film, drama, web-drama, variety shows, competition programs, survival programs, sports programs, music programs, fitness programs, well-being programs, animation

  •  For the D1 OTT platform in India


Edutainment OTT Streaming Content

  • Subsiderary company under D1 and E&M India

  • Our own ad planning agency to target B2B and B2C in India

  • Our core team from the No. 1 ad agency in Asia – Cheil, part of the Samsung Group

  • TV, OTT, media based

  • Superior quality planning, shooting, and production with creativity

  • A key objective is to provide high-end ad planning and solution for India’s emerging market

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